Altered Conduct


Speed through fast-paced challenges using awesome abilities you obtain from a powerful set of dice in Altered Conduct, a high stakes action-adventure video game with numerous possibilities.  


Through unprecedented technological innovation, humanity has now developed the Alteration Implants, allowing genetically compatible individuals to wield one fantastic ability such as Telekinesis, Teleportation, Control Over Time and more. You play as Zeta, a genius electrical engineer and a talented compulsive gambler, who has managed to crack the mystery of using multiple powers at will. Zeta is genetically Telekinetic, but through her ingenuity she has successfully mastered the use of Teleportation, Electric Flux, and Morph, all exceptionally powerful and varied in nature.  

By infusing these additional abilities in a set of dice and using her own Implant as a conduit, Zeta can gain access to an unprecedented range of powers. However, this technological discovery has not gone unnoticed and has plunged Zeta into a thrilling chase, that will provide her with her greatest challenge yet, a test of her determination and wits that will ask her to overcome all odds. 


Explore the vibrant world of Altered Conduct as you rapidly dash through numerous buzzing streets in a city with the complexity of Manhattan and over forty square kilometers to play in.


Play as Zeta, an exceptional engineer who has unlocked multiple powerful abilities, including Teleportation, Electricity, and Morph. Be the one to change this world through your intelligence and ingenuity.


Use your incredible abilities to evade deadly modified androids set to hunt you down by your pursuers, all the while navigating the busy traffic of a cyberpunk megalopolis.


As a solo developer, the design and making of Altered Conduct has been one of the most incredible, exciting, challenging, and rewarding experiences of my life.